Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder v4.3.2

jaksta-streaming-media-recorder v4.3.2
   Why choose Jaksta as your video and music downloader?
    Downloading has never been faster and simpler! Just play your media, and Jaksta downloads any video, music, or radio that is played in your browser.
    The fastest HTTP Streaming Media Recorder
    Jaksta can download from supported HTTP sites at up to 10x normal download speeds, depending upon your network connection and the capacity of the servers streaming the media.
    Automatic conversions
    Select the format you wish to convert your videos and music into from the main screen. Once a video or audio file is downloaded it gets converted for you automatically. You can save to AVI, MPEG-4, WMV. MP3, or formats specific to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and many other devices.
    Finding music, video and radio streams has never been easier!
    With a single click search thousands of video, music and online radio sites to find the streams you are looking for and then download and convert them.
    Jaksta is browser independent
    Jaksta works great with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or any other browser, and does not slow down your connection speed.
    Jaksta is The Best Supported Downloader!
    We pride ourselves on our support turn around times. Don’t believe us? Why not contact us, ask a question, and see how fast you get a response.

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