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GoLive CS2's new features probably won't do much to cut into Macromedia Dreamweaver's market share, but in this release Adobe splits the program's focus between the Web and an emerging field: content creation for portable devices. GoLive supports SVGT, an open-standard format for authoring interactive content used on devices such as cell phones. The program's SVG Editor provides a welcome visual workspace for adding interactivity to SVGT files. Though Illustrator can be used to design vector content, unfortunately neither it nor GoLive gives you the tools to add animation to an SVGT file; it's necessary to turn to third-party programs for this fundamental task.

On the Web side, GoLive CS2 makes it substantially easier for developers to benefit from the clean code of CSS-based design. The Layout Grid and Layout Text Box tools now create CSS-based objects by default, with easy switching back to table-based code if desired. The program also ships with premade CSS block objects, making it blissfully easy to create complex layouts with resizing columns simply by dragging and dropping the objects onto the page.

GoLive CS2, also available as a standalone program, offers these standout features:
  •     New and enhanced CSS-related tools for building standards-compliant CSS pages
  •     Mobile authoring tools
  •     Real-time Web and mobile content rendering
  •     Site management tools, including Secure FTP and WebDAV
  •     Automated favicon creation
GoLive serves as a Web site creation and management tool that works with XHTML, CSS, and Javascript. While GoLive continues to battle its competitors, its strength lies in its tight integration with Adobe's powerhouse product and favorite among designers, Photoshop.

Cool New Tool: Co-Author
GoLive CS2's new Co-Author feature allows a Web designer to set up a Web site so that others—regardless of their Web design skills—can update the site without help.

How does it work? The Web designer uses GoLive to build pages with templates that can be downloaded and edited using Co-Author. After the site is designed, anyone who wants to update the site can download the free Co-Author tool from Adobe's Web site and use it to download and edit the pre-determined content sections. Adobe's Co-Author Web page has several free tutorials on how to use Co-Author.
free download adobe golive cs2 full 
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