Latest version: HaoZip V3.0 version (2012-07-25)

Haozip v3.0 full
Haozip v3
  • * Support virtual CD-ROM mounting
  • * Support directly extract the image which mounted
  • * Powerful dual-core Trojan horse checking engine
  • * MD5 comparison function
  • * Improved the interactive function of "file information"
  • * Improved the interaction when open a file from a large size archive

Product Functionality

forever free download

Forever Free!

Needn't suffer the limitations of traditional compression software's copyright and functional ? We promise Haozip is free for both customers and companies, 40-day trial Farewell!
faster intelligent compression

Faster Intelligent Compression

Original file filter list by top technical experts of the industry, it will work-out the best compression algorithm for your computer. Without sacrificing the compression ratio, 40% faster than traditional compression software!
top compress

Top Compression Technology

After thousands times of compression tests in laboratory, compression of Haozip is 30% higher than traditional compression software!
support decompress 50 formats the best

Support Decompression 50 Formats

Support decompression 50 formats including .ZIP .7Z .RAR and so on, built .ZIP .7Z and .TAR compressed files directly, without plug-in support, to ensure the versatility!
rich extended function better

Rich Extended Function

Original annotations for .7Z, high ability to repair damaged zip file. And selected a variety of functions including Batch Picture Converter, MD5 Checksum, Image Viewer to meet your needs!
cool skin beauty

Cool Skin!

Added Cool Skin Changer, and will supply beautiful themes in various styles! Of course, you can use system comes standard interface, default skin.

download haozip v3 full 
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